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Guide for lower level players in aion

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 For lower level players, you need some extra aion gold and this is the right place for your coming. It might get you a few, maybe 10 in a single go if you get lucky.
It might not work on your server, basing on your economy and this might be common knowledge to some of you but many people do not know about it.
First thing first, you need some gold to start with. 5g would be the best, it wound not get you a lot but you can make some off of it and keep getting more and more till you can do the guide on a larger scale.
Secondly, you should go to the Auction House and search up Silk Cloth as well, without the quotations. It is obvious that there should be a ton of things but what were looking for are any silk posts that have a low bid, only stacks of 20. You should also make sure that it is a stack of twenty and search for the lowest bids you can find.