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We have been analyzing data from our new faction incentive program.

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We have been analyzing data from our new faction incentive program. We want to customize this incentive program to benefit the most people while still achieving a better server balance. Starting this week, Israphel Asmodian will be joining the program!

In the past few weeks, the servers and factions included in the program have repeatedly shown that they can rise to the occasion. Forts were successfully captured, defended, and even retaken. This is exactly what we were hoping to see!

We have also seen an increase in general that moves the server populations towards being more balanced. We realize that the changes may not be immediately apparent to everyone, but we think the program is working well.

Now that it has been established that the factions can compete for forts, we want to look at changes to the program. Remember that our goal is not to overdo one way or the other.

The program will continue in the same basic manner, with slight changes. The amount of extra plat medals that can be achieved by the program per month is now 10. Previously there was no cap, however most people were achieving 2 to 6 per week through incentives. Some people will not be affected by this change at all.

In addition, the gateways for Gateway Getaway will be enabled for one week, and then disable the next. One week on, one week off. This week is currently an off week.

Remember that we are trying to create more balance. We feel that to continue indefinitely with no cap would quickly begin to favor the side receiving the incentives.

This change does not affect the normal gaining of plat medals through the standard means. Everyone is still eligible to receive the standard amount of plat medals.