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Victor Shugo's First Experiments

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Victor Shugo and his experimental lab is a new feature we are introducing to our Aion community. Many of you have been following the drop rate tests created for the Korean community with the Aion 2.1 patch. Victor wanted to take those tests a step further for our Aion community. It can be hard to gauge the difference from one patch to another. Victor has tested the differences between the current world of Aion and the upcoming changes being introduced in Aion 2.1. As a Shugo scientist, Victor believes his tests provide Daevas with a better analytical appraisal of the changes in Aion when 2.1 goes live.
Some of you might have guessed what his first experiments concern: excerpts of expeditions in Dark Poeta! With no further delay, Victor is sharing his comparison of the loot drops from Aion 2.0 and from Aion 2.1 in Fire Temple, Dark Poeta, and Beshmudir Temple on normal and hard modes!
Though he is unveiling his first project today, Victor plans to continue his research for our Daevas. He will focus on questions and hypotheses brought forward by you!