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Tips for Elyos attempt at pvp in Aion

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 For pvp at the tower and came in Aion, It was a good try s 3 level 35's couldnt take all of you 40+ elyos on at the same time. You can ask more asmos to come to the tower, but none would come. The response you can get is stop posting elyos location in LFG or what are their names. By the time we had 2 other level 32's show up you guys probably got tired of waiting.
More of you coming out to do pvp like that in the abyss and we are sure you will if more asmos would get over their fear of pvp in the abyss. And You can for pvp who cares what their name is if their is a group of elyos out by the tower. Just go to Kick *** and take names. Not look up names to see if you want to pvp or not. If you really want to know the names of the Elyos out there come out and ask them. There have much aion gold in our site, just order it if you need.
You can come out and fight to help protect our lowbie's and get mass ap. Keep coming to that tower, you will pretty much jump on anyone when you at level (aion gold) 35, just to see what they got. You can to ask what the name is or to look them up. Most players are look them up after the fight win or lose. If the other player is purple it is worth the risk. Very low to no ap loss and very high ap gain if you win.