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Tips about Pet in Aion

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 You can know all the pets for sale at the Pet Merchant, except the Wild Kitter Egg. Is the Wild Kitter Egg obtained by some other means, or is it simply not implemented yet? The signal pets alert you when a member of the opposing faction is near. Fortune pets eat various items and every 40ish +/- give you a "package" in return. Different pets give different items.
As far as we know, so far, all of the fortune pets eat different "junk" items. And yes, companion pets are for looks. They are just nice little critters to have around. The wild kitter egg is purchased through a field warden vendor for 112 tokens. An alert fox thing is given through the blood crusade if it is right. Pets are also available from quests and supposedly drops.
The Field wardens are an organization that gives daily quests starting at level (aion gold) 30. They have the pve type dailies, the blood crusade's quests can be started at level 40 if you wish to do pvp for your dailies instead. The dailies give about 2 tokens a day. Since we have horrible at explaining anything, here is a link to the aion powerwiki for more detailed information.