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The new card injustice gives auto cast sonic blow level 1 in game

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Injustice: the new card injustice gives auto cast aion kinah sonic blow level 1 when during normal hits, the good thing is it increase the damage and no sp is needed and the bad thing is it is considered as 1 hit and you may lost your target after the sonic blow is casted.

Whisper: increase flee rate by 20 nine tails: increase flee rate by 20 if refine rate is +9 above, and additional AGI +2 thief bug male: AGI +2

Kurle: slotted with borch (1) and gives AGI+2 so if used, together you get a AGI+3

Other use: +5 trident (3) with desert wolf (small)

           +5 trident (3) with skel worker (medium)

           +5 trident (3) with minirous (large)

+5 trident (3) with mummy (for high flee monsters and some mvps)

+5 trident (3) with orc skeleton (emporium breaking if you can not afford a crescent scythe)


+5 trident (3) with hydra X2 and skel worker X1(for low flee characters in PVP/GVG)

+5 full set element lances for MVP uses

+5 trident (3) with injustice and any status card X2

Skel worker: increase damage to medium size

Minorous: increase damage to big size desert wolf: increase damage to small size

Slide wider: double attack works best with speed, if stun cards are used; it gives a high chance to give status.