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The instance is mainly for Gladiators to get Bakarma's Spear.

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Not sure if this is the right place for this but the times the Draupnir Cave corridor is open on Perento seriously needs to change. It basically goes up around 11/12 am/pm gmt, goes down at 4/5 pm gmt, then goes back up at 11/12 pm/am at night again.

For anyone Elyos with a day job or school, these times are completely ridiculous. It basically goes up while I'm at work and goes down when I get back, then goes back up when I need to sleep. This is unacceptable.

I don't mind so much the game having bad drop rates (well I do but that's another topic), but at least give me a chance to try and get what I need?

Basically it needs to be up at prime time (5pm gmt till whenever it goes down) or preferably be up all the time. I mean why does it need to go down in the first place?
I'm pretty sure the local NC Soft western team have at least this much control over the game to affect a change so it's not an outrageous request.

Let's be frank: The instance is mainly for Gladiators to get Bakarma's Spear. The other drops are nice and all that but the truth is this is why people go there since playing without an extendable weapon on a Glad is pretty horrible.

Ever since NC Soft basically ruined Zapiel's Spear by turning it into a 1 time quest that only seems to give people Blue pauldrons (thanks, great idea), this is the only source of a 'good' extendable left in the game.

The fact is, instance drop-rates in Aion suck enough as it is. Not actually being able to get into the instance to get a 'low' chance at a specific drop is infuriating. It's hard enough getting people to go there as it is, nevermind making them take time off or stay-up till stupid hours in the middle of the night.

Please change the corridor times so that people with lives/jobs can at least have a chance or just keep the corridor up ALL THE TIME.