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The Future-Shop retail stores

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The boxed version of Crime-Craft that is sold exclusively at Best Buy and Future-Shop retail stores will remain aion online gold the ideal way to jump into the world of Sunrise City. It now includes three free months of premium membership, an initial stake of 100 gold bars and access to exclusive in-game items - virtual apparel from Marc Ecko and Atticus Clothing, a discount card for in-game purchases and a combat backpack to expand carrying capacity.

CrimeCraft will also bring the first of many scheduled content updates online at the end of October. This first update will increase the game's depth and adds many of the features most requested by our fans, including the following planned enhancements:

Sunrise City Times - In-game newspaper that will feed information to the players concerning the latest news and happening in the game, including dynamic exploits by players and gangs.

Your Name in Lights - In addition to making stars of players inside the newspaper feature, top ranked gangs and players will see their alter egos promoted on billboards.