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System of party

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 When you group with other players to face some aspects with aion gold, this is called forming a party, or group. Up to four different parties can be joined together to form an alliance. A party can be made of up to six members. When you are in a party, you can see on your screen the status bar of all other party players in game. When an alliance is formed, you can see status bar of the other parties.
To create your own party, or joining an existing one, provides a specific tool, called LFG. It can be used clicking on the LFG button placed at the right end of your messenger window. When you click it, the window of groups opens and you automatically join the room of first open group available. It that is not your group of chooses, you can leave that room. Leaving the room, a full list of all available rooms will shows in game, with all info about any of them. When you joined a room, the party leader can right click your nick and add you to the party.