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Questionnaire about the Chantra Dredgion

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Seriously make one because this new dredg is bad if it allows 1 player to screw up an entire team with train after train if his own team is all afk... it's not skill, it's pure stupidity.

1 thing is to lose points in a PvPvE battle with 6 PC vs 6 PC vs a ton load of mobs, wich is "fine", it's how the game was designed or w/e you wanna call it, the other is to lose them when a bored player/group decides to ruin someone else's game by consistently training mobs into the winning team (when clearly the don't even try to PvP).

If this keeps going, im sensing another "rift style" nerf in dredg where all rooms have doors and there are no teleports, thus making the team kill all mobs and surk in a room to open the door and advance to the next... and that's lame.