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Powerful items creating

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 There are powerful items created through a set of simple but difficult actions. The idea behind this equipment involves cursed items that can only be utilized by finding a corresponding abjuration to remove the curse and transform it into usable equipment. The final equipment is often referred to as abjuration armor, because of the process involved in making aion gold. There are six different sets of abjuration armor, which each contain pieces for five armor slots: head, body, hands, legs and feet. All of the abjuration armor has a few characteristics in common: it is all rare and Exclusive, it can only be used by a level 73 or higher character, and it is all limited in the jobs that can wear it. There are positive and negative effects on abjuration armor; wearing all five pieces from a single set gives large bonuses to certain stats, along with counterbalancing penalties to others. Apart from the six sets of armor, there are two abjuration items used to create consumable food and drink items.