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Main Characteristics for Warden

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 Luck is one of the most important stats for melee and caster Druid build because it affects our chance to inflict a critical hit. Spirit is same as Finesse for us and is very important for melee Druids because it allows us to reduce the opponent's armor, while at the same time increasing our mana pool.
Intuition is same as Expertise for us with aion gold, when we hit the target with magic this characteristic will reduce their resistance, at the same time it will reduce our chance to miss with our attacks.
Intuition for melee is secondary and all you need to do is cross a certain line after which there is almost no misses, blocks and parries. At the moment you will have to decide where that line is by experimenting. Intelligence' is same as Strength for us and affects the melee and magical damage we do. Simple: got to max it.
Here is an odd relation made by the developer melee Druids will have to heavy stack up on Spirit, in order to have effective armor penetration, which also greatly increases their mana pool which already does not end for melee Druids. It would have been more logical to tie Finesse to Intuition, and Expertise to Spirit, this way we would have fair magic damage and there would be enough mana.