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Leveling Guide Review in Aion

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 Welcome to the best place to enjoy the buy the cheapest aion kinah here. It has been about a day since Kozen launched his Aion Leveling Guide. And you were on it as soon as it hit the market. You can find this guide not a random leveling guide out to scam you guys. It is written by Kozen, who has earned quite a reputation with his warhammer guides.
On comparing this with the other leveling guides out there, this one are right up on the top. This one gets five stars! As far as leveling goes we would rate it just a tad below KF guides Aion Leveling guide, but with the amount of goodies you get with this, you feel it is worth the price and is definitely the better offer compared to KF Guides Aion leveling guide.
As far as comparison with the current top leveling guide (KF gudies) goes, it is almost equal to them as far as leveling guide goes, but it really excels the whole bunch of other goodies that you get with it. Since you have already owned a copy of Killer Guides and KF Guides, you should focus more on the features in this guide that you wound not find in any other Aion guide and if it is good or not.