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Level 67+

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Motes of Fire

In the north east corner of Blade Edge Mountains is a volcanic area called Skald. There are lots of fire elementals here that have a 25% aion kinah chance of dropping motes of fire. Ten motes can be turned into a Primal fire which can then be sold for twenty to thirty five gold.

In addition you will have Elemental Fragments and Primordial Essences which drop nearly every kill and vendor for a good bit of silver. The enemies in this area only use fire based attacks so if you can stock up on a lot of fire resists gear you can grind this area nonstop.

Level 68

Manaforge Farming

Between level 68 and 69 you can farm Sunfury mobs at mana forge B’naar. They have a thirty percent chance of dropping Sunfury Signets which go for about one and a half gold and a two percent chance of dropping an Arcane Tome which usually goes for twenty. They drop between fifteen and twenty five silver per kill in addition to regular loot.

The best mobs to farm are the Sunfury Geologists and Warp Engineers because of their low physical attack power.