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I generally only teleport between the following places in game

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Walk, fly, run, and swim: "Uhh, I do that already." Yes, but not enough aion gold way too many people teleport around places.

Put it this way: If you're paying to teleport around Archosaur, or paying the -I think- 5K to go from Sumor Camp to Swiftwind Tribe, you're wasting your money. You may think it's not a lot, but it really builds up.

Teleporting is the number 1 mistake people make regarding their money. I generally only teleport between the following places:

The three main cities: They're relatively far from each other, and I'll admit it's quite dull to fly between them as much as you should. Therefore, I teleport between these.

City of the Lost -> Wellspring Village: My gateway to Archosaur. It costs 200 coins, and flying from there to Archosaur takes about 2 minutes. Saves you 2.8K.

The towns from level 1-20: Eh, it's only 200 coins, you can make that back from a single monster. You have to walk too much at the lower levels otherwise.

Also, if you have TW teleports in your faction, use them wisely, because they're awesome. There, that's basic money making. Now, how to save the money you've made.