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Enchanting Kromede weps

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Liek... wtf gais, I just failed L67 stones that cost 1 mil each on my +4 kromede spear, and before that I must have lost over 7 mil kinah trying to get it to +4.

And like 50% of my stones fail. Yet I enched my lvl 30 Elite AP armor set to +10 with ilvl + 20 + ench lvl and failed like one stone per item. Would just like to hear how people go their kromede's at +10 and how much kinah did you spend doing it? Is it better to be a RNG hero and go cheapo or use expensive stones for better chance to succeed? Practically every stone under L60 has failed on me btw. Enchanting/manastones in Aion make me want to uninstall.

Btw, ncwest, if you would stop being useless and gai and fix your forums/website, that would be mighty appreciated by your paying customers. It's rather sad when a single self-educated person can do a better job managing forums on his home computer than what you can do as a corporation. Only took me around 25 login attempts to make this heroic thread. Thanks bros.