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Design Faelan a new Signature Image!

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So its Tuesday yet again,

For this weeks random competition I'm asking you guys (or gals) to redesign my forum signature image. the one I have at the moment is good, but I feel the need for a new fresh image.

As this competition will be difficult for me to judge on my own I'll be picking the a handful of submissions that I like and asking you to vote for which should be my signature (I know, crazy I am)!

The signature must have my name, preferably just "Faelan" not {CC}Faelan, and the word "Community" should be in there somewhere.

As this is could be fairly time consuming I'll not close the competition until Monday next week (13/06/11) and will open the public vote just after.

Prizes to be confirmed, but you'll definitely win a shiny new forum title.

Edit: Signatures should be 500px wide by 150px high and preferably a .png (so you can use transparency)!

Edit2: 1st and 2nd place winners will receive either Black or White Dyes and a custom forum title.