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Aion almost dead...

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I got this from AionSource.
There is so many and great ideas.
But like I said before our Dev team(cough!)they arent,they are only translators and deliver boys,but bad ones because west ideas arent getting through.
Post is from Natjur

This game started off so well, its looked nice, had PVP and PVE, it was new, bright and I looked forward to playing it.

But it was designed and controlled by the East, never for the West.

So its been mismangered to death. Its doing well in the East, dying in the West. Until they have a dev who is from the West and can do the needed changes that the West wants, the game will keep dying.

The game never had a Soul, it was about cash only.

I will never play a game designed in the East again, as they can not understand the wants and needs of the West.

(1) We don't want free gold armor, but we also don't want to do the same instance 100's of times for nothing.
-Change the bosses to drop tokens (or plat coins etc), and X tokens can be traded for armor.

(2) We want PVP but we don't want to get destoryed every time we hop out of a city.
-This will be hard to fix, remove the rifting debuff but add it back if you kill X players.

(3) We want more players but we don't want everwhere we go to be farmed.
-Add more zones then merge some servers. There needs to be more places where one can kill for balaur parts, add a few more zone with just balaur (elites and non elites) The world of Aion is tiny compared to most other games.

The wants and needs of the West are hard to get right, but so far, the East has been doing them all VERY VERY wrong

View PostStiv, on 22 October 2010 - 09:05 AM, said:
Games like this have no soul. Aion is loosing it's soul.

Monthly fee games, you feel you NEED to play daily as you have already paid for it, and they are more alive cause of them.

Free to Play games, you are not paying for it, so you only log in when you really want too.

But if they game as got to the point where there is nothing to make you feel like logging in and when you do, you just grind for hours while looking for a instance run group or hoping dreg will pop, it's just depressing.

I aggree, Free to Play games lack a soul, but Aion is already losing its soul, and with the way the Aion Shop is going, they are now selling off the last parts of their soul.