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Aion: Alchemy Guide for Level 1-30

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 Alchemy Guide1-30: Alchemy is power in PvP aion gold. Consumables rule the Abyss. The first stage of alchemy is a troubling one. We have access to very little in terms of good, marketable things aside from the potions.
If you have alchemy access, you have the ability to heal aion online kinah, restore your wings, and move or attack faster. In the case of critical hit stones, sell truly well. You can even make some potent mage weapons. Actually, this is not easy though. It is expensive. Work orders will be inevitable at some level ranges unless you are made of money and can milk a market.
Level: 1-30: The bread and butter of alchemy are from Elemental Stones. You'll be using hundreds, if not over a thousand elemental stones each tier depending on how you go about it. The worst part of each tier is realizing you need to make more elementals and you do not get any skill off them.
You will do nothing but make Lesser Elemental Water and Stone Powder until they are grey, we should say about 9 to 1 ratio. The powder isn't used for much unless you're making scrolls and weapons down the line, and this tier doesn't have a lot to do for weapons. Load up on those lesser elemental stones and churn out that water in one giant load.